Preparations for Column Foundations

20140826 - 0020

We’re going to be raising the 12 main columns soon, but first there were some preparations needed. Digging holes, bending and welding reinforcement rebar, building box and pedestal forms, measuring and leveling. We decided to concrete 12 pieces of rebar in position to start with, like mini columns, these will be used as reference points to position the box forms and will eventually stick out of the foundation block and into the bottom of each column. Each bar had to be exactly 5m from the centre of the circle and 2.59m from each other. Needless to say we we’re very happy when we reached the final bar and it measured exactly 2.59 from the first.

Pronto levantaremos las 12 columnas principales, pero primero hay algunos preparativos necesarios. Cavar hoyos, doblar y soldar varillas, medir y nivelar.


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August 28, 2014 Columns, Concrete