Bamboo Borax Treatment

20150402-IMG_9173 - Borax and Roof10

We treated all the bamboo poles with borax. We first drilled a hole through the centre of the poles using a 6m long drill bit, yes, 6m. We got our welder in town to weld a 1/2” drill bit onto a 6m long piece of rebar, he thought we were crazy but it worked surprisingly well. Then we raised the bamboo vertically and poured in borax solution whilst rotating the pole. We later decided to drill two holes because the borax was taking so long to drip through, it was so easy drilling the holes that it saved a lot of time. With the 9 meter poles that are sticking out of the roof in the pictures we had to drill from both sides, it took a while.

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July 29, 2015 Borax